Samurdhi Program

Baddegama Divisional secretariat division has 5 Samurdhi Banks with 1 main commity. There are 4369 beneficiary families. Among them 2111 persons in 70 families suitable for empowering program. Government  expect expenditureis for that Rs.2029230/-.

Agriculture program - Rs.185000/-

Minor Industirial and Intrepreneur Program- Rs. 1574230/-

Fishery and farming - Rs. 270000/-

Marketing Development Program - 197000/-


In Agricultural Program - Tea plantation, ornamental floriculture,  

Minor Industirial and Intrepreneur Program - sweing machines, Equipments for blacksmiths, Refrigirators and equipments for food producers. Loud speakers, Showcases and Balances.

Fishery and farming - Fishery nets, Goats, Chicken and Cows for farms

Marketing Development Program - 1 Bicycle, 1 Motorbicycle and  3Marketing Sale stalls


News & Events

Flood Warning

Flood Warning

  The Divisional Secretary has informed the...

Grama Shakthi Annual cricket meet

Grama Shakthi Annual cricket meet

Baddegama Grama Shakthi Cricket team won the...

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